Weed steaming

Steaming methods

Sustainable weed control

Sustainable weed control can be achieved in various ways. One of the oldest reliable ways of improving the health of your soil, is  soil steaming. Among other things, it helps you to get rid of weeds and seeds. For effective weed control, the steaming depth should be ~6cm. That means high requirements both on steam generation and steam transfer into the soil.

Our weed steaming solutions are tailor made for you, adjustable to the size of the surface in your specific situation. Steaming your soil with superheated steam will kill weeds and seeds, leaving it ready and healthy for the new crop. Steaming is only adding water to the soil, without the use of any chemical pesticides or herbicides. Forget hazardous products such as glyphosate, metam sodium and methyl bromide! Read on to find out about our newly developed self-propelled machines for weed control.

Tailor-made weed steaming solutions 

Self-propelled machines connected with your phone

Superheated steam kills weeds & seeds

Only water, no chemicals necessary

Self-propelled, so less disruption of the soil

Innovative new machines for weed control developed by Konflex

Together with our technical partners, we developed a brandnew steaming method for weed control, adapted to the size of the surface you need to treat. These innovative weed steaming machines are equipped for smaller or bigger surfaces. The self-propelled machines are available in two versions; as a caterpillar or a version on wheels. The steam boiler is mounted on the chassis and has all the technical facilities on board to ensure the best results for weed steaming. Both versions are equipped for continuous steaming outside in the field, or inside the greenhouse. 

Why our new weed steaming machines are ‘killers’

Our new generation of weed steaming machines brings weed control to the next level!

Older systems use a “stop-and-go” system, shutting down every time for re-positioning of the machine. You can imagine that the fuel costs are considerably less if the machine just keeps on steaming and moving forward without any interruption. Yes! The weed control is done by operating fully independent, with GPS steering, constant monitoring of temperature and steam depth and all else that is required to keep track of its performance in the field. If the machine needs your attention, it will contact you by phone.

Recipy for the best weed steaming result

To get the best weed steaming result, we made sure our machines are easy to operate. The fewer people that need to be present in the steaming area, the less disturbance and trampling will occur. A steaming area with high pore volume has a much higher rate of steam infiltration than a compacted soil.


“The less disruption of the soil, the less chance of human cross contamination and soil compaction… the better steaming results!”


There are various other steaming methods, for use inside greenhouses, on growing beds, in open field, or compost steaming such as: 

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