Steam Boilers

Technical Information and Types

All we have to mention about MSD AG boilers is:

“Low operating pressure (0.5 bar) 

yet superheated steam >200°C”

Our steam boilers are impressive because of their excellent performance. They are easy to use, have a long life-span and high energy efficiency factor (up to 96%).

Konflex can deliver the steam boilers in stationary or mobile version.

All types are certified by TÜV-CE and meet the solid German quality standards of its manufacturer MSD AG. We are proud to be their distributor.

Generating superheated steam >200°C, these low pressure steam boilers are performing with an operating pressure of only 0.5 bar.

Our steam boilers are amongst the best on the market for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We have the right type of steam boiler for every application and work together with you to find out the best steaming solution for your specific situation.

Superheated steam at low pressure of 0.5 bar

Solid German quality of MSD AG

Energy efficiency up to 96%

Superheated steam = dry steam

Dry steam = best distribution throughout growing medium

Mobile or stationary versions available

Technical information Steam boilers (Source: MSD AG Germany)


Boiler type
Steam outputSheet steamingHood steamingSubstrate steaming
MS 100100 kg/h4-7 m²/h10-11 m²/h1,0-4,0 m³/h
MS 200250 kg/h7-12 m²/h11-20 m²/h2,5-8,0 m³/h
S 250300 kg/h12-15 m²/h20-30 m²/h3,0-12,0 m³/h
S 350400 kg/h15-30 m²/h30-40 m²/h4,0-17,0 m³/h
S 500550 kg/h30-40 m²/h40-50 m²/h5,5-26,0 m³/h
S 750800 kg/h40-60 m²/h50-80 m²/h8,0-44,0 m³/h
S 9501000 kg/h60-75 m²/h80-100 m²/h10,0-56,0 m³/h
S 13501350 kg/h75-90 m²/h100-130 m²/h14,0-78,0 m³/h
S 20002000 kg/h90-100 m²/h130-200 m²/h20,0-115,0 m³/h
Other size boilers upon request; ASME certification possible2500 / 3000 / 4000 kg/h

Steam boiler types (Source: MSD AG Germany)


Boiler typeSteam Output kg/hHeat Output kcal/hOil ConsumptionTotal Length mTotal WidthTotal Heigth mBasic Weight kgSteam Connection
S 250300190.000183,001,201,801.200PK/50
S 350400250.000263,101,202,001.460PK/50
S 500550350.000363,701,402,201.780PK/70
S 750800500.000554,101,502,502.300PK/70¹
S 9501000640.000684,501,702,602.750PK/90
S 13501350885.0001005,001,802,703.580PK/90
S 200020001.290.0001505,702,103,004.200PK/110²
Other size boilers upon request; ASME certification possible2500 / 3000 / 4000

¹) PK/70 operating pressure 1 bar.

²) Connection 2x PK/110



Do you have any questions about our steam boilers?

Please contact us and together we will find a tailor made steaming solution for your specific situation.

Find out which steaming method you need

There are various steaming methods for inside greenhouses, on growing beds, in open field or substrate steaming such as:

Please let us inform you and find out what is the best solution for your specific situation.


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