Sheet steaming

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Sheet steaming

A method to treat soil diseases with superheated steam and the use of steaming sheets.

Sheet steaming is the traditional way of soil steam sterilization. It is a common surface steaming technique that steams bigger surfaces at approximately 25-30 cm depth. Sheet steaming uses PVC sheets to cover the soil. The sheet is weighed down with sand bags along the sides. The superheated steam is blown under the sheet. In this way the soil is heated up  to reach a temperature of 85°C. Loosening up the soil of the surface before steaming ensures maximum penetration of the steam, preferably with a spading machine.

Our woven steam hose is put on top of the steaming area before they are covered with the steaming sheet. Sand bags are used on the edges of the steaming sheet to keep it in place. The steam is evenly distributed throughout the total length of the growing table. This assures the even warming up of the substrate in the growing pots up to 85°C.

Highly effective way of soil steam sterilization
Only superheated steam, NO chemicals
Woven steam hose for optimum steaming result

The advantages of sheet steaming


Sheet steaming is the traditional method of soil sterilization. The steam should be applied for several hours. If used properly, sheet steaming is easy and still profitable, despite its high energy requirements. How to make sure sheet steaming is both effective and profitable:

  • easy application method for both a mobile and a stationary steam boiler.
  • you do not need a lot of material to start sterilizing your soil.
  • use of a heat-resistant and non-rotting insulation mat could save up to 35% energy whilst reducing steaming time and depth of the steam.
  • weighing down of the sheets by sand bags helpsto  ensure deep penetration of the soil.

All types of steam boilers can be used for sheet steaming.



Type MS 100 MS 200 S 250 S 350 S 500 S 750 S 950 S 1350 S 2000
Area m2 15 – 20 30 – 50 50 -65 60 – 90 80 – 120 130 – 180 180 – 220 220 – 270 300 – 400


There are various steaming methods, for use inside greenhouses, on growing beds, in open field, or compost steaming such as:


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