Hood Steaming

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Hood Steaming

Compared with sheet steaming, the hood steaming method has the advantage of a much higher steam transfer. Instead of 4kg per hour per square meter under the sheet, the hood allows steaming for over 30kg per hour per square metre.

The result is a significant reduction of the steaming time and also in heating oil consumption.


Energy consumption

Depending on the steaming time and soil characteristics, you need 0.3 litres of heating oil per square meter to reach 8-10cm steaming depth, or 1 liter of oil to reach 25-30cm depth. You can achieve up to 85°C soil temperature with this method.

With hood steaming, you therefore save up to 50% in heating oil compared with sheet steaming.

Rules of thumb:

  • The longer the steaming time, the higher the energy loss and therefore the energy demand per square meter.
  • The steaming time for 10cm steaming depth is about 8 -12 minutes.
  • You can achieve 30kg steam per hour and square metre under a normal steaming hood*.

Hood steaming is the only energy-saving method of surface steaming.

Much higher steam transfer

Reduction of steaming time

Less oil consumption

Energy saving steaming method

Tailor-made steaming hoods come in all sizes

Compatible with all types of steam boilers

Our know-how about hood steaming

Our special high-quality steaming hoods are custom made of steel or aluminium. Their lifecycle is extremely long. They are used in greenhouses, tunnels and outdoors as they are very reliable.

Depending on the desired steaming depth and soil properties, steaming hoods are moved in short intervals from 5 (for a steaming depth of 5cm) to 25 min (for a steaming depth of 20-25cm). If the application time is longer, you can also achieve temperatures exceeding 75°C even at 30cm depth to achieve sufficient results.

Each steaming hood is tailored to your individual requirements and manufactured to size. The hood dimensions will be sized on the basis of a steam transfer of 30 kg/hour/sq.m.

In large-area greenhouses of sound and stable construction, you can hang hoods on runners and then lift and move them with pneumatic lift cylinders.

Small and mid-size hoods can be very easily set manually with rocker lever systems or moved electrically with special cable pull winches.

To adapt the hood to the greenhouse size, large steaming hoods can be supplied with a hydraulic adjustment unit so that their working width can vary on each side according to the user’s needs.

Depending on the application you have in mind, there are various mobile steam boilers available for use with steaming hoods.

Do you have any questions about hood steaming?

Please contact us and together we will find a tailor made steaming solution for your specific situation.

There are various steaming methods, for use inside greenhouses, on growing beds, in open field, or compost steaming such as: 



Together we will find a tailor made steaming solution for your specific situation.




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