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How to control nematodes in agriculture and horticulture

Among all phytopathogens, plant parasitic nematodes (PPN) are pest nematodes. They are an important cause of yield losses and food security issues. Due to their nonspecific symptoms, horticultural losses caused by nematodes are often underestimated. For instance, root-knot nematodes (among many other nematodes) are major pests of horticultural crops and are responsible for infecting and attacking many horticultural plant species.

Use superheated steam to control nematodes

Soil steaming is an efficient method to kill nematodes before planting a crop. By using one of our steaming methods we offer you a sustainable way to control nematodes, perfect for organic farming. After treating the growing media with superheated steam by sheet steaming or hood steaming we kill the nematodes up to 40 cms deep. Good preparation of the steaming area is essential for allowing the superheated steam to penetrate deep into the soil. We can advise you which steps to take, to get the best steaming result.

Let us create a tailor-made steaming solution to help control nematodes

Get in touch with our experts to discuss the possibilities. Make sure to share your needs and we will provide a perfect steaming method to control nematodes and optimize your yield.

Steam sustainable way to kill nematodes

Governments are banning use of chemicals

Environmentally friendly

Killing pests, saving natural soil structure

Steam is old and proven alternative for chemicals

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