Alternative to Metam Sodium

Soil diseases

Is there an alternative to metam sodium?

Yes there is! We have an alternative to metam sodium which is environmentally friendly. It is an old and proven method for the control of soil diseases and it has no harmful toxic side effects for the surroundings, humans or animals. It leaves no residue after use. Metam sodium is a chemical pesticide associated with many health risks, and is banned by governments. What to do with soil diseases that are left untreated without an alternative to metam sodium? Use soil steam sterilization as a sustainable alternative!

How superheated steam is a great alternative to  metam sodium

Soil steaming is considered one of the most effective ways to control unwanted soil diseases and soil fatigue. The  superheated (dry) steam can be applied using a steam sheet or steam hood, depending how deep you need to steam. The steam heats up the soil to 75 – 80 degrees Celsius and by maintaining this temperature for 30 minutes the process of sterilization takes place. One of the biggest benefits of steam as an alternative for metam sodium, is that it is completely pest-free, environmentally friendly, a truly sustainable way to give your crops a great head start. Depending on the application you have in mind, there are various types of low pressure mobile steam boilers available for use in greenhouses or in  open field. 


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Steam sustainable alternative to metam sodium

Governments are banning use of chemicals

Environmentally friendly

Killing pests, saving natural soil structure

Steam is old and proven alternative for chemicals

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