Our motto: “Use steam, instead of chemicals”

Steaming Methods

Our various methods for soil steam sterilization.

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Our projects show our worldwide experience in providing the best steaming solutions.

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Steam Boilers

Our steam boilers with their capacities.

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Soil diseases

Soil diseases are a major yield and quality constraint for growers worldwide.

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Why choose for soil steaming sterilization?

Soil steaming is one of the most effective sustainable techniques to sterilize and disinfect soil in open fields or greenhouses. It eradicates pests such as weeds, bacteria, fungi, and viruses which leaves the soil healthy for new crops to thrive. It is not surprising that there are multiple methods of soil steam sterilization, depending on the available time and soil characteristics.

Miscellaneous soil sterilization methods through steaming

Soil steaming can be applied with various methods and leads to healthy soil and, by extension, higher crop yields. It has a positive effect on the eradication of varying soil diseases or harmful nematodes. However, it is also an effective technique for sustainable weed management. Would you like to know which steaming method works for you?

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